Clouser Farm Enterprises


Lion Country Sawmills

The PANTHER is our model of the upright sawhead which features a stationary sawhead and a carriage holding the log moves back and forth.  The entire upper arm of the bandwheel mount is levered and moves to create the blade tension on our 2” blades.  The one shown here runs with a 25hp electric motor.  The PANTHER makes an affordable solution for someone with and old circle saw track and carriage, and just wants to put a bandsaw head where the circle saw and husk used to be.  Or order a complete PANTHER, on wheels, with head and track fastened together.

Closeup of tensioner arm; the horizontal 3”x6” box steel frame is pulled down by the 3/4” draw bolt and spring on the left.

After the saw cut and carriage is to return, a small cylinder moves the lower guide wheel away from the blade 1/2”

Installing shields on the bandwheel and “spine” of the sawhead.

The unit is self standing, self-leveling.  This one has 25” bandwheels, but we recommend 30” if space allows it at your site.