Clouser Farm Enterprises


Lion Country Sawmills

Many of our sawmill parts are custom fabrications.  Posts, clamps, turners, tapers, etc are build to specs for that particular mill.  We can construct parts for your mill as well.

We do not stock many parts, but can acquire them for you at your request.  Many times we can refer you to a direct supplier just to avoid the double shipping costs by going through us.  Our specialty is in design fabrications.

For Timber Harvester owners, we can still get the raise/lower gearboxes and most other TH parts except for the setworks computer boards.  We haven’t offered computerized setworks with any of our products.

Examples of custom designs and fabrications:

Tapered bearing hub to serve as belt tightener for 4-v-belt

Mount fastened to motor to relieve belts at loose position

3-dimensional adjustment for guide wheel

Special high-powered clamp design

At right, solenoids ready to be wired; these run the hydraulics for the base frame of this special-request sawmill

Picture to the left, expanded view of a hub with tapered shafts; this one holds the 2” shaft for a bandwheel.